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Hongkong Toy Experiential Exhibition

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Hongkong Toy Experiential Exhibition
Issue Time:2016-05-04

The first global toy exhibition holt in Hongkong through 11th  to 14th,Jan,2016.Once again, with the innovation mold, Shantou Bana has attracted everyone with its 3D effect, also they received more attention in this hall.

The coming customers were totally attracted my the magical and unique 3D toys. Of course,good experience with the good products. Bana got the full attention, also the best feedback.

Except this wonderful toy experience for the coming customers, Bana provided the live lucky draw. What is the mystery prize? Later we will publish.

Yeah!Congrats this lucky guy who got the mystery prize, Iphone 6. The prize will be gave away by the sales manager Michelle.

Bana received different feedback from customers after the exhibition. All the customers all had a wonderful experience, no matter the whole exhibition or the toys. People had a fresh new impress to Bana. Besides, everyone had a wonderful interaction by the lucky draw, totally impressed.

Hongkong Toy Exhibition of 2016 ended completely. Bana starts the fashion way, leads the new trend. Being aftered all the time, never ever has been passed.